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    Battle Space currently have a total of 50 units, different units have different characteristics that players need to exploit to get an advantage on the battlefield. We have chosen a few representative units for everyone to get familiar, let's have a look!

    Gunlictor: The initial hero. He cannot only attack a single target but also attack 3 enemies in the front row at the same time, while also increasing its own attack and dodge after each enemy attack received.

    Deathmarx: One of the initial units. As a long-range attack unit can damage a single target in the back row with its penetrative attack. He weakness is the low defense due to his light armor, but he is very strong against heavy armor units. 

    Guardian: The initial heavy armor unit who has a general attack. However, its advantage is to increase its own "injury reduction" effect and restore its HP each time after receiving Crit damage. A nice and welcomed resilience on the battlefield. 

    Enforcer: The initial medium unit. Has a good overall performance, as the ability to restore its HP if the unit dodges an attack successfully. A truly strong ability to survive. 

    Ethereal Swordwoman: One of the most popular basic characters. This medium armor unit can attack 2 enemies at the same time and cause additional damages to the Heavy armor and Medium armor unit, which is very impressive. The units can also increase Dodge to enhance evasion capacity. You can easily get it form the “first recharge” event current on. 

We suggest that commanders don’t miss this amazing chance.

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