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The Card Draw system is the best way to get new unit shards and items in Battle Space. Once collect enough shards you can compose a whole unit. Today we will introduce the basic concept of the card draw system, let’s have a look! 

I-Enter of the building

    1) When the HQ building level meets the level required you can the build the Exploration Tower. Commanders can enter the Exploration Tower interface through the building. 

    2) The Exploration Tower building can be upgraded, which will make you draw more high-quality cards. 

II-The category of Exploration Tower system 

    The types of draws are divided into “free blue fuel”, “purple fuel” and “dark matters”. In comparison to free blue fuel, the purple fuel has more high probability to get high-quality shards or items; you can get it form the events. If you don’t have fuel you can use dark matter to draw. You can only get dark matter by recharges. 

    We hope you now have a better understanding of the system. Good luck commander!

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