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    Defense HQ is one of the featured game modes of Battle Space, its aim is to improve interaction between players, have an active role in the defense of the base; also is the main way to get some resources like the Star Coin. 

    1, Enter the Defense HQ Players can build the Defense HQ from the construction panel when the HQ reaches level 2. 

     2, Deploy your own defense squad You can enter the deploy interface by selecting DEFENSE, then deploy your own squad for defense in case the enemies try to invade the base. Select SAVE when you are done. 

    3, Invade another base Select “ENTER”→“ATTACK” you can invade other players bases; also you can directly select “INVADE”, at bottom right corner of the main screen. Each time you do this will consume rations. The red tiles indicate your attack range. If the opponent didn’t deploy defense squad you will directly invade successfully; but if they did, you would need to defeat them to get the victory rewards. 

    4, Check detailed information Players can also check the BATTLE LOG, DEFENSE SQUAD, CURRENT TITLE, RANKING, etc. on the Defense HQ main interface, and also purchase the resources what you need in DEFENSE SHOP with the Star Coin. 

Hope now you can have a better understanding of this exciting game mode.

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